Blue Spruce Trees

Choosing Colorado Blue Spruce Trees

Colorado Blue Spruce trees are one of the most popular evergreen trees around. They can reach a height of between thirty and sixty feet, and in some cases will reach over one hundred feet tall when in a natural environment. The fact that they retain the shape of a nearly perfect triangle makes these trees a common choice for those selecting a Christmas tree.

While the trees do retain their shape, it is quite common for trees that are older to start to take on a more irregular shape. Of course, “older” is a relative term when one considers that these trees can live up to 800 years!

For those living in the colder climates of the north, Colorado Blue Spruce trees can provide some much needed color on a barren winter landscape. If you live where deer are plentiful, this tree will come in handy as deer tend not to like it.

When planting Colorado Blue Spruce trees, you will need to find a location in which the tree can be in full sunlight. This tree will not do well in the shade. You should also keep in mind the massive size that the tree has the potential to reach. Be careful to plant in an area where it will not interfere with any structures on your property or with any much loved views.

This tree does not require much care once it has taken root. You do not need to prune the branches, but you can if you would like for the foliage to be a bit denser.

Colorado Blue Spruce trees are a popular choice for those trying to block the wind. When planted in rows, these trees are very effective at accomplishing that task.

It is not a good idea to plant a new tree near fully established Colorado Blue Spruce trees. The reason for that is that some of the diseases that are common to this tree can be quite easily passed from one tree to another. It would be a shame to lose an older tree due to a disease being passed by a newly planted tree.

Another happy benefit of having Colorado Blue Spruce trees in your yard is the pinecones. While it is understood that some might look at the cleanup of pinecones as a nuisance, others think only of how they can use them in crafts and for decorating around the house.

Even if you are not particularly crafty, it is likely that your local school or Sunday school group would be more than happy to accept a donation of your pinecones for use in their art projects.

As mentioned earlier, Colorado Blue Spruce trees are among the most popular choices for use as a Christmas tree. Some have found a unique way to preserve their holiday memories. After using the tree indoors for Christmas, some then plant the tree to add to their landscaping.

Whatever your reason for choosing Colorado Blue Spruce trees, you are sure to be delighted with their look, fragrance and ease of care.



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