Golden Chain Tree

All About The Golden Chain Tree

If you wanted a tree that produces tiny flowers that resemble golden chains, you should look into the golden chain tree. It is a hybrid plant that can add a big splash of color to any garden area. If you plan on using one tree, it will be head turner and a focal point. But if you plant a few of these trees in a row, the result can be outstanding. The trees will drape over each other and you can use this feature for a breath taking walk way. The golden chain tree can also be used as a bordering plant to be placed near sidewalks or drive ways.

These plants usually have one or two trunks that form into one tree. Most of the leaves and flowers appear at the top of the tree and although the branches grow in an upward position, the weight of the leaves and blooms heavy the branches and they slope downward and hang from the branches of the tree. When the flowers are in full bloom the tree is covered with grape shaped clusters of these yellow to golden flowers. The light green leaf in the background makes this plant appear fresh and dewy.

The golden chain tree can grow to reach 15 to 20 feet in height. It is a perennial plant and it is very hardy. It can survive in temperatures that go below zero for long periods of time and it can even be successfully grown in most northern states. Because it lives in cooler temperatures, the blooms will normally only appear in mid spring to early summer. But there are a few tips for producing more blooms and healthier plants.

You should fertilize the soil before you plant your golden chain tree. It prefers neutral soil and it would probably thrive in just about any type of soil. But if you want to increase your blooms and the colors of the flowers and leaves, you should help to boost the nutrients in the soil. You can purchase the appropriate fertilizer at your local gardening center or you can use manure, compost or fish emulsion. Mix it thoroughly with the soil and water the entire area. Wait a few days before you plant your tree.

Plant your tree in an area that receives a mix of shade and sun. It is recommended because the plant can benefit from the morning sun. The afternoon sunlight might be too intense for this plant, so it should be shaded during this time. Most flowering plants that thrive in cooler temperatures can be damaged by the summer heat.

To protect the delicate new roots of the tree, you should plant it on a slight hill. This will allow the water to naturally drain away from the roots. If you will be using more than one golden chain tree, you can arrange rows and place the plants on top of them. Remember that these trees grow and produce drooping large branches, so make sure that they are spaced apart. The best spacing would be 10 to 12 feet apart from each other. This might seem like quite a distance but the branches on the trees will grow in and fill in the spaces.

Always wear protective gloves while you are working with these trees. If you have pets or younger children around, this may not be the plant for you. It is said to be poisonous if it is ingested and it is known to cause skin allergies and reactions if you handle it. Fortunately, this also means that it is dear resistant and most animals will not come close to this tree.



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