Nectarine Tree

What's So Sweet About the Nectarine Tree?

If you are considering growing some trees in your backyard, you might want to consider the nectarine tree. Nectarine trees will not only add a bit of color to your backyard but will also give you some great fruit in the summer. The nectarine tree is one of the most beautiful kinds of trees around and they are very easy to grow as well.

Here are the main reasons why you might want to grow a nectarine tree in your backyard:

The Nectarine Tree is a Beautiful Tree

The nectarine tree can really add some color to your backyard--especially when it is in fruit. A nectarine tree grows to be a large bushy green leafed tree of about 10' to 15' in height. Its branches are usually thin and tangled. Many growers like to help bolster it by putting up near a wall and letting it grow like a vine. This is the English style.

The fruit which can be either red or white, will add a nice bit of color to your view as well. The tree sometimes flowers as well which can be quite colorful and beautiful.

The nectarine tree is also great because it greets each season with a different look. In the spring it will flower, often filling with beautiful pink blossoms, while in the summer it is heavy with fruit, and in the winter it tends to have red and pink leaves. So, it makes for a great tree to have in the background so that you can always feel the seasons changing.

The Nectarine Not Only Tastes Great But is Good for You

As you may know, a nectarine is basically a smooth peach. Just like the peach, the nectarine has a great taste that you cannot only savor by itself but that works well as part of a fruit salad or even a pie. Try it as an alternative in a peach cobbler, for example.

Nectarines are not only great for the taste buds, however. The nectarine contains Vitamins A and C, potassium and iron.

The Nectarine Tree is Easy to Grow

The nectarine tree is one of the easiest to grow. You just plant it in the late summer, water it well if it doesn't rain and make sure that the cold doesn't get it in its first winter.

The nectarine tree requires only a little trimming to make sure all of the fruit get sunlight evenly. The usual shape people go for is the satellite dish trim, where you trim the tree so that it faces up and gets the sunlight right into the tree's heart.

The Nectarine is Picky About It Climate However

The nectarine tree doesn't do well in extremely cold climates or in tropical climates where it is too hot for too much of the year. The ideal weather for the nectarine tree is a climate where it cools during the winter and gets very hot during the summer, but then cools off again. It does well in a moderate climate like that found on the inland areas of the West Coast of the U.S. Just be sure to water it well in its first season and try to keep it from getting the common diseases that affect this type of tree.

One way of thinking about the climate requirements is to remember the peach came from China. The Chinese climate is thus the natural climate for the nectarine as well.

So if you're looking for a great tree to grow in your backyard, you could do far worse than the nectarine tree. If you're looking for a nice bushy tree that will give you a great addition to your diet, the nectarine tree is definitely for you.



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