Tree Cutting Equipment

Facts About Using the Right Tree Cutting Equipment to Get the Job Done

To properly care for your trees you need the right tree cutting equipment. Although it may seem like it would be easy to trim a tree with just a couple of different tools, there are a variety of types of tree cutting equipment that you may require in order to do the job correctly.

Some different types of tree cutting equipment that may help make your job much easier include a pole tree cutter, a chainsaw, a wood chipper, and an alligator lopper. If you own a small to medium size tree the pole tree cutter can help to make your job easier, as well as safer. With the pole tree cutter it’s simple to trim down a tree to its optimal shape, without having to use a ladder to climb up to the branches. Obviously, you don’t really want to be standing on a ladder while using tree cutting equipment if there is any way to avoid doing so.

The advantage of using a pole tree cutter include the fact that you can adjust the length of the cutter to reach up to 12 feet, which can help to keep you off the ladder and on the ground. One of the only real problems that you will come across when using this piece of tee cutting equipment is that you cannot cut larger branches with it, but it does do a great job with smaller branches and for shaping the tree.

One of the most obvious pieces of tree cutting equipment that you need is the chainsaw, but not all chainsaws are created equal, and for convenience sake and safety you will want to be a little picky when it comes to which chainsaw you use. The gas powered chainsaw needs a fuel and oil mixture to operate; it is important that this be mixed correctly, which isn’t always easy to do. In addition to the mixing, there is also the fact that you must pull a starter rope to get the chainsaw to run; this can be inconvenient and dangerous if you have to do this while on a ladder. The electric chainsaw is not only easier to start, but they are easier to handle while cutting your tree.

Another necessary piece of tree cutting equipment is a wood chipper. Of course this isn’t an absolute, but if you do not want to have to cut up the branches so that you can take them to a green disposal site, you’ll want to have a wood chipper. With one of these tools you can create mulch; this has a double advantage you can dispose of your branches and you will not have to buy mulch.

For those jobs where a full chainsaw isn’t quit the right tool there is the alligator lopper; this is like a chainsaw that was created for lighter cutting jobs. This is a tool that is good for cutting medium size branches, as well as for cutting up branches that you have already removed from the tree. As far as must have tree cutting equipment, you will definitely want a tool like this so that your job is as easy as possible.

Another necessity of the tree cutting equipment that many people tend to overlook is knowledge. You will want to know when and how to trim different varieties of trees. While some trees can be trimmed at any point during the year, there are some that should only be pruned in the spring or fall. If you do a little research before you begin pruning your trees you can save yourself a lot of headache later.



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