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Facts About Twig Tree Disease in Apple Trees

Apple trees are a popular type of tree to grow, but they are very susceptible to twig tree disease and other pests. Some of the tree twig diseases that you may experience problems with include scab, and several others. If you learn to spot disease early, you can save yourself a lot of problems, and probably save the tree from dying as well.

Scab is a twig tree disease that afflicts apple trees, which can cause a great deal of problems. This disease begins during the spring months, first appearing on the leaves and then spreading to the rest of the tree. The disease will start out as brown patches, but it eventually turns black and will kill the tree. It is very important that you catch this twig tree disease on the apple tree as early as possible.

Another frequent problem that you will find with apple trees is the mosaic virus. This disease starts out appearing like white colored areas on the leaves, but spreads to the rest of the tree. As this disease spreads it kills the leaves, and will also reduce the amount of fruit that the tree produces. The mosaic virus is a major problem with apple trees due to the fact that this virus cannot be cured once the tree is infected.

A twig tree disease that will directly affect the twigs of the apple tree is the Black Pox disease. This disease attacks new twigs that appear on the tree. This disease is actually a fungus that appears on the twigs as a shiny black substance and causes lacerations on the twigs. Although Black Pox does show up on the twigs in the beginning, it will spread to the rest of the tree, as well as any fruit the tree produces.

Powder mildew is another problem you will find on the twigs of the apple tree. It coats the twigs of the tree, stunting their growth. The mildew will eventually coat branches as well as twigs, stunting the growth of the tree over time.

White rot is a twig tree disease that begins on the twigs of the tree and spreads to other branches. This disease can also spread to the bark of the tree as well as affecting the twigs and branches. When White Rot first appears it will look as if the twigs and branches have blisters, as it spreads to the bark on the trunk of the tree you will notice orange areas that begin to peel. This is another apple tree disease that can spread to the fruit that the tree produces; if this happens you will notice brown spots on the fruit that appear to be indented.

Disease is not the only thing you have to worry about with apple trees, there are also several pests that will infest this type of tree. Some of the pests that you may have problems with include worms, caterpillars, moths, and aphids just to name a few. If these pests are allowed to infest the tree, they will do enough damage over time to eventually kill the tree.

One of the best ways to treat twig tree disease with apple trees is to prune away the inflicted twigs and branches on the tree. The sooner you do this, the better your chance of catching the disease before it has a chance to spread to the rest of the tree. To increase your chances of stopping these diseases, check your tree for signs of disease on a regular basis, and trim away and unhealthy branches and twigs.



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