Types Of Apple Trees

All About Different Types of Apple Trees

Although most people don’t’ think of the different types of apple trees as trees you would plant for landscaping, apple trees can be beautiful when they are in bloom and really do make an attractive addition to your landscape. One of advantage to planting apple trees is that not only are these trees beautiful, but also you can harvest delicious fruit from them as well.

The different types of apples trees are not just a great landscaping choice for your yard when they are in bloom, but these trees can make good privacy barriers as well. During the fall when the apples trees are abundant with leaves, they can shield your yard and provide you and your family with all the privacy you want. If you do have a privacy fence, you can plant dwarf apple trees along that fence in order to make it appear more attractive. These types of apple trees that are known as dwarfs will only grow to a height of 5 to 8 feet, as apposed to the regular types of apple trees that will grow as tall as 30 feet.

The main disadvantage to dwarf apple trees is that they are not quite as hardy as other varieties. If you live in zone 3, you will not want to choose this type of apple tree, but for other growing zones, the dwarf apple tree is a fantastic landscaping tree, plus they will yield fruit within only a couple of years after planting, unlike the standard apple trees that can take as long as 6 years to yield fruit.

Selecting which apple trees you want to plant from among the many different types of apple trees is a matter of the climate you live in, as well as your own personal taste. You will have to do some research to find out which apple trees will thrive in the region you live in, and which ones will struggle. There are several different varieties of apple trees that can be grown throughout most of the United States, except for in the south, where it may be too warm to grow some apple trees. The best apple trees to plant would include the Cortland, the Haralred, Honeycrisp, and the Golden Delicious trees.

After finding out which types of apple trees will grow in your region you will then have to decide with of these apple trees you want to grow. Along with your own taste you will want to take into consideration which apple trees are most resistant to disease too. Many varieties of apple trees are known to be susceptible to certain diseases, including apple scab, cedar apple rust, powdery mildew, and fire blight. Fortunately there are types of apple trees that are somewhat resistant to these diseases; these trees include the Enterprise apple tree, the Liberty, the Freedom, and the Redfree apple trees.

If you want fresh fruit all season long you will want to grow at least a couple of different varieties of apple trees; choose one that bears fruit early in the season, as well as a type that will yield fruit in the fall.

Most varieties of apple trees will need to be planted in rich, well-drained soil; you will also want to ensure that you are planting in an area where your trees will get plenty of sun, as most types of apple trees require full sun. If you live in the North, you’ll want to plant your apple trees in the spring, if you live in the South the autumn is the best time to plant.

To plant your apple trees you will want to remove any weeds and grass in an area about 4 feet in diameter for each tree. It is important that the roots of your apple trees remain moist while you are preparing to plant them, but after planting you will still need to make sure that the roots stay moist.

Once you have covered the roots with soil, add mulch and keep the roots moist for the next couple of days. With some care and attention to your apple trees, within a couple of years you should have plenty of apples to snack on.



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