Vine Tree

All About The Grape Vine Tree

If you want an unusual looking decorative tree, you should consider a grape vine tree. You can purchase these types of trees at your local gardening center or you can start one from a seed. Using a grape vine tree is a unique way to jazz up your home but you can also have these trees outside in the yard area. You can leave them as they are or add decorations like tree lights or bulbs.

The vitis vinifera or grape vine tree is a shrub type of plant. It produces grapes used to make jellies or wines. There are 65 different species of grape vine and over 8000 types of grapes. They contain vitamins and minerals and aid in the treatment of low blood pressure and poor blood circulation.

The vines from the grape vine tree grow and attach themselves to any nearby trellis or wall. The have large dark green leaves that are jagged on the edges. They produce blooms in early spring and these blooms are replaced by grapes by the end of summer. Grapes come in a variety of colors that include yellow, red, purple or black.

This plant is a perennial and it is known for being a climber type of plant. It can reach up to 40 feet in height and it does best in a warmer climate. They are hearty plants that can live in almost any type of soil. But there are a few things to remember if you plan on having a healthy plant.

Before planting this grape vine tree make sure that your soil has the proper amount of alkaline. You can purchase a soil tester at any garden center, to make sure your soil is ready. If your soil is missing some nutrients, you can fix the problem by purchasing fertilizer and mixing it into the soil. Wait a full week before planting your grape vine tree.

This plant enjoys full sunlight to partial shade. This means that you can keep it in an area with little or no shade but shading will not harm the plant or stop it from growing. You will not want to place the plant in complete shade but a mix is fine. Remember that too much shade will not kill the plant but it will not produce the blooms or fruit that it would under sunny conditions. So, if you do decide to plant it in partial shade, you will not have as much fruit at the end of the summer.

One thing that can harm this plant is over watering. You may want to plant your grape vine tree on a slight hill to avoid root rot. You can also dig small trench around the base of the tree and make it approximately 5 inches deep. You can add water to the trench instead of watering the plant directly under the tree. This keeps the root system healthy and dry but the plant can still receive enough water. After the tree has fully matured and the roots are established you can go back to watering the tree normally.

The grape vine tree can attract butterflies and birds to your garden area. But be careful when you are handling this plant. It has been known to cause skin irritations and it can also cause allergic reactions. While picking grapes or pruning this plant, you should always wear protective gardening gloves to avoid any problems.

It is also a good idea to keep the plant pruned. It will continue to grow and latch onto other trees and plants and this can be harmful for your other plants that surround the tree. Remove the tips of the vines when pruning and never prune more than 30% of a grape vine tree.



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